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Artsetter is a new artistic community in the contemporary art world. At, our mission is to give talented artists an online art gallery for the exposure they deserve, as well as to connect artists and art lovers. Furthermore, Artsetter is a place where those who are new to contemporary art can feel free to explore and begin to appreciate wide-ranging genres of fine art. An Artsetter art gallery is the ideal place to browse to begin collecting contemporary art online. Artsetter artists compose a diverse group of emerging international artists and embody a high level of quality, as each has been granted an art gallery by fellow members of

An art gallery at Artsetter works differently from other sites, because to ensure the high caliber of art displayed in each individual art gallery, artists go through a voting process before their art is showcased in an Artsetter online art gallery. For an art gallery on Artsetter, the contemporary art market is no longer isolated for the elite: members of Artsetter are the curators, and cast votes to select who receives next Artsetter art gallery. By offering a free art gallery to Artsetter artists, we believe that we can promote a fair vision of the contemporary art market: one that is based on talent and art lovers’ appreciation rather than through mere luck and connections.

We believe Artsetter will soon become a recognized and trusted entity in the contemporary art market –one that displays new and diverse talent on a daily basis, and one that helps to promote and contribute to what contemporary art is all about: constantly changing the landscape and renewing creative inspiration.


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At Artsetter, you are the curator : you decide who will become the next Artsetter artists. So vote to express your artistic taste !

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Most recent Candidates

As the curators, members vote to determine which candidates will become the next Artsetter artists.
Become an artsetter, and participate in this revolution by voting to express your artistic taste.

Sergei Inkatov
Sergei Inkatov Vote Number of votes: 0/50

Sergei Inkatov was born in Baku in 1971. 1987 Entered art vocational school in Baku to study painting. 1992 recived Certificate of Tver (Russia) high artistic school after Venitsianov class of painting Member of Russian Artist`s Union in Estonia Laureate of the fund ”Cultural Property», Russia, Laureate of the competition «Tallinn Cultural Capital of Europe 2011” Works of S. Inkatov are held in the Art Museum of Narva, «Cultural Property» of the Art Fund in Russia, at the «Comas» Gallery in Spain, Barcelona. At the Maardu Administration in Estonia and many private collections around the word. Now lives and works in Estonia
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Pascal MAFFRE Vote Number of votes: 1/50

Je peins depuis de nombreuses années au cours desquelles j'ai pu exposer en Europe et dans l'Océan Indien.La peinture est pour moi l'espace de la métamorphose. En venant sur Artsetter, je souhaite développer ma visibilité sur le net
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Francesco Migliore
Francesco Migliore Vote Number of votes: 1/50

Voici une citation de Melki Rish qui resume ma peinture" La vie n’est pas seulement faite de noir et de blanc, de positif et de négatif. Elle est constituée d’une multitude de couleurs, de nuances et de vibrations différentes..." Melki Rish
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tom yglesias
tom yglesias Vote Number of votes: 1/50

Exploring the coast of California for the right location and time, with focus on space , details and high resolution ( photographing with the PHASE ONE digital back camera and Carl Zeiss lenses. Education includes art studies at Univ.of Dallas, Dallas ,Texas and graduate art studies at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas. Have exhibited at galleries such as : OK Harris Gallery N.Y.,Del Mar Gallery,Del Mar, Ca., Cambridge art National, Cambridge, Mass., Marin Arts Council, Marin, Ca. Art in General, N.Y., Soho Photo Annual, N.Y., Have placed large works for the Al-Faisaliah Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and for Mr.& Mrs. Ambani, Mumbai, India. Currently increasing online exposure with galleries such as Art Setter.
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Jeff Parrott
Jeff Parrott Average price: 4500€ 363 views
Benny Alaga
Benny Alaga Average price: 1620€ 1173 views
Katalina Mavares
Katalina Mavares Average price: 261€ 2598 views
Anna-Maria Pangilinan
Anna-Maria Pangilinan Average price: 48€ 2631 views
Salomé-Charlotte Camors
Salomé-Charlotte Camors Average price: 1702€ 3244 views
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