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Artsetter is a new artistic community in the contemporary art world. At, our mission is to give talented artists an online art gallery for the exposure they deserve, as well as to connect artists and art lovers. Furthermore, Artsetter is a place where those who are new to contemporary art can feel free to explore and begin to appreciate wide-ranging genres of fine art. An Artsetter art gallery is the ideal place to browse to begin collecting contemporary art online. Artsetter artists compose a diverse group of emerging international artists and embody a high level of quality, as each has been granted an art gallery by fellow members of

An art gallery at Artsetter works differently from other sites, because to ensure the high caliber of art displayed in each individual art gallery, artists go through a voting process before their art is showcased in an Artsetter online art gallery. For an art gallery on Artsetter, the contemporary art market is no longer isolated for the elite: members of Artsetter are the curators, and cast votes to select who receives next Artsetter art gallery. By offering a free art gallery to Artsetter artists, we believe that we can promote a fair vision of the contemporary art market: one that is based on talent and art lovers’ appreciation rather than through mere luck and connections.

We believe Artsetter will soon become a recognized and trusted entity in the contemporary art market –one that displays new and diverse talent on a daily basis, and one that helps to promote and contribute to what contemporary art is all about: constantly changing the landscape and renewing creative inspiration.


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As the curators, members vote to determine which candidates will become the next Artsetter artists.
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Susan Wooler
Susan Wooler Vote Number of votes: 0/50

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Hallo, Hej and 你好 Welcome to my Art. I have been an abstract expressionist painter since my early teens. The immediacy and freshness of this style as well as its complexity and boldness has always spoken to me. To this end I usually paint with acrylic paint in an alla prima style, in a spontaneous and physical way, moving back and forth across the canvas, making marks that dance across that surface. I start by introducing colour, shapes and line, then respond to their development. I move these elements around, adding and removing paint in multiple layers, having been described as an emotional painter, I am free to indulge and be spontaneous experimenting with colours and textures, creating multiple layers resulting in visceral unique painting with mood and depth, as I paint I recreate a part of my own story, as you view hopefully you create your own. I've been described as an emotional painter, my abstract paintings are my first love as I am free to indulge and be spontaneous experimenting with colours and textures, creating multiple layers resulting in visceral unique painting with mood and depth. My paintings are in customers homes all over the world, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK and the USA   My inspiration comes whilst walking on the beach or in the many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty that Wales has; a holiday I've taken, seasons, landscapes and my imagination. In my abstracts I try to express my personal thoughts and emotions which I capture on canvas and express through bold colour, strong composition, textures and shapes I thoroughly enjoy creating and sharing my art with you and am honoured and overjoyed to the buyers who decide to make a purchase to display my art in their homes.
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Oleksii Nechyporenko
Oleksii Nechyporenko Vote Number of votes: 1/50

Born in Ukraine. Work as engineer designer but I try not to become a spiritual hostage to my work . Autodidact artist,whose imagination is developing according to the life experience with the post-Soviet imagery minds on the verge of schizophrenia which is manifested in recent time, converging with the impact of the literature and movies(basically mystic,like David Linch...) and with the great influence of love to pure nature - All this reflected on the yet unformed style which is trying to escape from the imposed system of the iron curtain of our exposed eastern European society. Tourist-Introvert by the nature I can stay by myself for a long time creating my own world while listening music and riding the bycicle through the forest. Maybe I chose painting to express myself because of philosophy of moments . Through our life we experience some beauty moments that happend accidentally (Some appear in the elementary things) or were gained by hard work . The same experience we can contemplate on canvas . Once we have laid some amount of paint on canvas we can not replay our acts . My paintings invoke somethings mysterious,perhaps because of rejecting the futility of existence by filling this with oracular sense . But I try not to fulfill the painting leaving the viewers to contemplate with their own imagination,whether it is poetically,perversely,funny or all at once.
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Veronika Zelena
Veronika Zelena Vote Number of votes: 2/50

My main theme is our nature that surrounds us, which we interact with. These murals are fictional vistas balancing between abstract and figurative art. The rich artistic display, the relationship between plane and space, vibrating colours, variant shapes, the contrast of the powerful UV reagents and subdued tones gives my paintings movement and excitement
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Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos Vote Number of votes: 2/50

I was born in S. Jorge, and now live and work in the small medieval town of Porto de Mos, located in the centre of Portugal. I began my education at the Antonio Arroio school for the decorative arts, and finished it attending an art course (1982/85) at the National Society of Fine Arts. In the past, my paintings were of, what I like to call, figurative expressionist nature. As time passed, the figurative elements began to dilute. Now, and looking forward, I focus mostly on pure abstraction, lightly touching upon abstraction expressionist. The paintings of colored lines, wid or narrow, appear as a turning point in my most recent work. Contrasts, calm harmony, balance and tonal beauty characterise these 'lines paintings'. The bright palette ranges from strong, full colours tones, to soft watercolour values and finds its peak with an almost "black and white" intensity, applied in parallel on the canvas. Solo Exhibitions: 2016 - Painting, Art Gallery, Leiria / Art Gallery Ourém / 2015 - Painting, Art Gallery, Leiria / Painting, Art Gallery, Batalha / 2013 - Painting, Art Gallery, Leiria / 2012 - Painting, Mouzinho de Albuquerque Art Gallery, Batalha / 2012 - Painting, Art Gallery, Leiria / 2011 - Painting, Art Gallery, Porto de Mós / 2010 - Painting, Art Gallery, Porto de Mós / 2008 - Painting, Art X Gallery, Porto de Mós / 2006 - Painting, Art Gallery, Aveiro / 2005 - Painting, Art Gallery, Porto de Mós / 2004 - Painting - Art Gallery, Vila do Conde / 2002 - Painting - Art Gallery, Porto de Mós / 2000 - Painting - Art Gallery, Peniche / 1999 - 1198 - Shows "Ocean" Tomar, Coimbra and Leiria (paintings) / 1997 - Painting, Santa Clara Gallery, Coimbra / 1996 - Painting, Art Gallery, Porto de Mós / 1994 - Painting, Art Gallery, Tomar / 1993 - Painting, Art Gallery, Torres Novas / 1991 - Painting, Art Gallery, Leiria / 1990 - Watercolor - Art Gallery, Leiria / 1988 - Watercolor, Art Gallery, Pombal / 1987 - Installation, Monastery of Batalha / 1985 - Painting, Art Gallery, Batalha / 1983 - Painting, Art Gallery, Lisboa / 1982 - Drawing, Art Gallery, Lisboa. Private collections: Municipal Councils: Leiria, Porto de Mós, Batalha, Vila do Conde, Coimbra, Tomar, Torres Novas, Peniche and other cities and towns in Portugal. Art collectors: London, Lisbon, Porto, and more collectors who live in the cities and towns of Portugal.
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