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An artistic community

Artsetter is a community that gathers artists, art lovers or anyone curious about art.

A trusted third party

Artsetter guarantees and secures payment of artwork sales from the artist directly to the buyer.

A participative gallery

The artsetters select artists by voting for them.
On Artsetter, you are the curator


Art lovers

People passionate about art, art professionals and art experts will benefit from the artistic network of Artsetter.

Up-and-coming art collectors

Artsetter is the best place to begin for people interested in an introduction to the art world.


Artsetter represents the freshest artistic talent among emerging international artists: painters, photographers, drawers, printers.


To lower art market prices

By taking much smaller commissions compared to classic art galleries, Artsetter wishes to make art more accessible.

To integrate art lovers into the artists’ world

At Artsetter, art lovers are no longer passive members of the art world. The Artsetters select artists, share opinions and communicate directly with artists. They follow the evolution of an artist's career on Artsetter.

To put the artist and buyer in direct contact

Artsetter is a transparent intermediary between artist and buyer. As opposed to classic galleries, Artsetter allows artists to set their own prices and deal directly with the client.



Artsetter is changing the rules of the art market: contemporary art is no longer an elite entity. As the curators, members vote to determine which candidates will become the next Artsetter artists. Become an artsetter, and participate in this revolution by voting to express your artistic taste!


Artsetter artists represent a high caliber, diverse group of international artists using different media and techniques. On Artsetter, a worldwide gathering of selected talented artists are directly on your screen. Artsetter members can find and follow their favorite artists.


On Artsetter, buying art is an easy process and a safe decision. As artists have achieved Artsetter members’ seal of approval, Artsetter is the best place to discover up-and-coming artistic talent. As a trusted third party, Artsetter guarantees a secure payment transaction, a straightforward shipping process, and by taking a very small commission, Artsetter provides high quality work at low market prices. Artsetter is the ideal place to start an art collection.


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