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Technically painting is the act of applying a medium, such as paint or pigment, to a surface. Historically painting is one of the oldest forms of art. Since the animal representations during the Upper Paleolithic period, the essence of painting has evolved very little although mediums and supports have gone through numerous revolutions. Pigments were primarily used until the emergence of oil during the 15th century in Europe which marked an essential change to the evolution art was meant to go through. It was the beginning of a creative explosion that begun with the Renaissance and which continues to amaze us today. The invention of photography in 1829 had a major impact on painting. The archivist role left to photographs and photographers, painting found a new purpose in Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism and Dadaism. Although Modern and Contemporary Art brought a new approach to art with concept, painting as an art form did not die. Paintings nowadays explore every theme and form. From contemporary paintings to landscape paintings, it is difficult to imagine what the art scene would resemble without this form of expression.


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Jeff Parrott
Jeff Parrott Average price: 4500€ 7392 views
Benny Alaga
Benny Alaga Average price: 1620€ 8100 views
Katalina Mavares
Katalina Mavares Average price: 355€ 9153 views
Anna-Maria Pangilinan
Anna-Maria Pangilinan Average price: 32€ 5489 views
danion sebastien
danion sebastien Average price: 500€ 5048 views
stephanie arfi
stephanie arfi Average price: 585€ 3591 views
dimitris pavlopoulos
dimitris pavlopoulos Average price: 525€ 3819 views
Benjamin Révelart
Benjamin Révelart Average price: 219€ 3467 views
jessie vincent
jessie vincent Average price: 1436€ 3502 views
DISCO DISCO Average price: 725€ 2215 views
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