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Street art

Street art, also called “post-graffiti,” is art that is done on the street without being considered as “graffiti.” Street art takes art out of the traditional context of an art museum or gallery. Methods used for street art include spray paint, stencil, airbrush, mosaic, and even video and installation. In comparison to graffiti, street art is more based on graphic art rather than tagging. Street art often makes a political statement and is used for social activism as it displays messages to the public on the street. Most cities around the world have examples of this urban art, and cities such as Berlin, London, and Sao Paulo are particularly known for having internationally well-known street artists decorating their urban areas. Barbara Kruger and Banksy are among the several celebrated artists who began by creating street art.


ARGADOL *_* Average price: 15€ 14006 views
vincent bardou
vincent bardou Average price: 53€ 4776 views
Dourneau Laurent
Dourneau Laurent Average price: 78€ 4433 views
Cécile Durand-Mignard
Cécile Durand-Mignard Average price: 134€ 5810 views
Stevens C.
Stevens C. Average price: 275€ 4720 views
Ulrik Poniatowski
Ulrik Poniatowski France Average price: 440€ 4496 views
Julien Fougeras
Julien Fougeras Average price: 475€ 3285 views
dimitris pavlopoulos
dimitris pavlopoulos Average price: 525€ 3335 views
Kaza art
Kaza art Average price: 650€ 5197 views
Dollie AtelierX
Dollie AtelierX Average price: 733€ 2796 views
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