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Black and white photography

You may appreciate black and white photography for its ability to stand out without the artefacts of color. Black & white photographs are usually distinctive for their attention to details such as perspective, lighting, composition and of course context. It originally was the unique form of expression until color made its appearance in the mid-19th century. Black and white photography, also called monochrome photography, is not always composed of pure black & white tones; depending on the process it can contain different shades. Nowadays some photographers still continue to prefer black & white for its interpretation of reality, and not for its lower cost and classic photographic look as it use to be the case after the appearance of color.


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cedric Brion ( Clavicule-pics )
cedric Brion ( Clavicule-pics ) Average price: 215€ 4874 views
Marc Vuillermoz
Marc Vuillermoz Average price: 322€ 6620 views
Jean Luc Dubin
Jean Luc Dubin Average price: 454€ 4078 views
Cyrus Atory
Cyrus Atory Average price: 383€ 7994 views
Samuel Ridge
Samuel Ridge Average price: 50€ 5993 views
tari mogall
tari mogall Average price: 720€ 2894 views
le gen
le gen Average price: 90€ 2985 views
Wioletta Gołębiewska
Wioletta Gołębiewska Average price: 330€ 8154 views
samuel buisson
samuel buisson Average price: 377€ 4970 views
Aloyse Legrand
Aloyse Legrand Average price: 270€ 3096 views
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