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Nature is an eternal source of inspiration for artists. From painting to photography, nature has been represented in all forms of art throughout every artistic movement in history. Art allows maximum liberty to depict and celebrate nature’s beauty, which makes it one of the favorite themes for artists to reproduce. But it is only in the 1800s with the Romantic Movement that artists demonstrated a true passion for nature which they favored in comparison to religious scenes and human beings. Carried by numerous artistic and social movements Nature has become the symbol of western culture and artistic inspiration it is today.


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Marjolaine Camus
Marjolaine Camus Average price: 540€ 2032 views
Jeff Parrott
Jeff Parrott Average price: 4500€ 2678 views
Salomé-Charlotte Camors
Salomé-Charlotte Camors Average price: 1702€ 3778 views
Yan Vita
Yan Vita Average price: 713€ 4994 views
Marc Vuillermoz
Marc Vuillermoz Average price: 322€ 5984 views
DUCLOS Hugues-Marie
DUCLOS Hugues-Marie Average price: 345€ 17555 views
Ariane Côté
Ariane Côté Average price: 465€ 3144 views
Flow Ra
Flow Ra Average price: 1306€ 3357 views
Nathalie Magrou
Nathalie Magrou Average price: 337€ 4646 views
Geraldine Theurot
Geraldine Theurot Average price: 254€ 5385 views
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