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Artsetter est une nouvelle forme du marché de l'art contemporain en ligne. Sur, notre mission est d'offrir une galerie d'art en ligne à des artistes talentueux d'une part, et de les mettre en contact avec des passionnés et des acheteurs d'autre part. Artsetter est aussi un espace où les novices peuvent découvrir l'art contemporain en naviguant à travers les galeries de tous les artistes  présents sur le site: la galerie d'art Arsetter est le lieu idéal pour commencer sa collection d'art contemporain. Les artistes Artsetter forment un groupe d'artistes émergents internationaux de grande qualité, où chacun obtient sa galerie après avoir été sélectionné par  des membres du site.


Les galeries d'art sur Artsetter fonctionnent différemment des autres galeries en ligne: pour présenter le meilleur niveau d'art émergent, chaque artiste doit passer par une phase de candidature avant que ses oeuvres soient mises en vente. Grâce aux système mise en place sur Artsetter, le marché de l'art contemporain -et a fortiori le marché de l'art contemporain en ligne- n'est plus réservé à une élite: tous les membres d'Artsetter sont les galeristes du site et peuvent voter pour sélectionner les futurs artistes Artsetter. En offrant une galerie d'art en ligne gratuite aux artsites Artsetter après ce processus de sélection, nous cherchons à diffuser une vision plus juste du marché de l'art contemporain: celle qui est basée sur le seul talent des artistes mesurée par l'appréciation de chacun.


Nous pensons qu'Artsetter deviendra rapidement une entité de confiance, reconnue sur le marché de l'art contemporain, qui propose régulièrement de nouveaux artistes talentueux et qui promeut et contribue à ce que recherche l'art contemporain: changer constamment le paysage et renouveler l'inspiration créatrice.




Comment cela marche

Sur Artsetter, vous êtes le galeriste : vous décidez quels seront les prochains Artistes Artsetter. Donc votez pour exprimer vos goûts artistiques !

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Naviguez à travers les galeries Artsetter pour découvrir et admirer les artistes les plus talentueux, et pour trouver les oeuvres qui vous plaisent le plus


Artsetter est le moyen le plus sûr d'acheter de l'art en ligne: comme tiers de confiance, nous garantissons à l'acheteur et à l'artiste un paiement et une livraison sécurisés.


Artsetter présente les oeuvres les plus originales et intéressantes du marché international de l'art émergent. C'est gratuit, tout ce dont vous avez besoin est votre talent, donc devenez un artiste Artsetter!

Processus sécurisé
Artsetter est un tiers de confiance pour l'acheteur et l'artiste qui organise et garanti la vente d'oeuvres d'art en ligne.
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Contactez notre service client pour toute question sur les oeuvres d'art, les artistes Artsetter, ou le système d'achat/vente.


Candidats les plus récents

Les membres du site jouent le rôle de galeristes en votant pour choisir quels seront les candidats qui deviendront artistes sur Arsetter.
Devenez un artsetter, et participez à cette révolution en votant vous-même pour exprimer vos goûts artistiques.

Elena Bandurka
Elena Bandurka Voter Nombre de votes: 0/50

• My new work is about the perception of the world around us, about protecting the ecology and space in general, this seabed to coral reefs, bright fish, dancing seaweed, it's like fresh breath, freedom of feelings and harmony with oneself. This is a deep knowledge of yourself, your abilities and realistic actions. The world is huge, the ocean is mad, the striving to squeeze this vortex of emotions and to sink into infinity. The maturity of desires, the ocean, the sea, the water space, is 50% of the person. Who needs protection, cleanliness of action and harmony with everything around. I, Elena Bandurka, was born on 04/04/1985 in the city of Zhitomir in Ukraine. She studied at the Lyceum of Arts in the city of Kharkov, after she was trained at the special Faculty of Economics and Law at two universities, the Kharkov National University and the National Polytechnic University, and she studied for a lawyer and management. In 2003, I became more interested in politics and planned to enter a magistracy at the University of Maastricht, but there was a turning point after one trip to Scotland. In 2003, I went to Scotland with a cousin to Scotland for 3 weeks to attend English language courses. We lived in the family of the artist, and in his house paintings were hung everywhere. These pictures seemed to talk to me, and I wanted to take the brush in my hands. On my return to Ukraine, I drew sketches. I did not think about it and did not know where to get art materials, canvases and paints. But a year later, in Nice, when I was learning French at another language school, just as I was strolling around Nice, I came across a large impressive store for artists. It was a shock and delight, of course, I found this occasion, as an opportunity to purchase the first canvases, brushes and paints. I remember how I was greeted at the airport by the customs, ready to customs clearance of my paintings, but it turned out to be surprising, they were just empty canvases. The first works, this is the realization on the canvas of impressions, feelings and intuition of a combination of paint. When I started looking for books on textbooks on painting, just tried different styles of inspiration, a couple of times I went to some lessons in painting, design, where they taught me to understand the drawing. Life was going on, I did not take my hobby seriously, I graduated from university, I went to work for the Committees from the Verkhovna Rada. At the same time, I started to go on vocals again. Creativity was constantly present in my life, and this is apparently the natural evolution of personality. On the 25th anniversary of my organization, I organized the first exhibition of my paintings for my relatives and friends and all comers, this was my first step, before that I only gave my works. By 2012, I changed myself and changed my view of my technique in painting, I began to see the world in a different way and perceive, and I decided that I needed to fly to the contemporary art fair. The first Fair was Art Basel. This is a very vivid impression, exactly 3 years ago. And the more often I started attending fairs on contemporary art, the more I began to understand, to delve into contemporary art, to admire it more and more. To love art, and there was a passion for learning all the information relating to Art in general. In my work, I came to the fact that I want to convey to the viewer the problem of ecology all over the world, just as inspiration spills out on the canvas impressions from trips, from communication with people on travel. My language in pictures and installations, and in photography, speaks for details related to the story. I like to work with any materials, put meaning into artwork and fill, and surround the beauty of the world as a whole. And also fill every job with warmth and energy laid in the creation process, this is a passion for art, for life in general.
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Safia WOSTH Voter Nombre de votes: 0/50

Je vous invite à voyager et vous laisser guider par votre imagination au travers de mes tableaux où vous découvrirez au fil du temps des personnages; des animaux, dans des mondes imaginaires et colorés. Bonne Visite
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Henry Laurence
Henry Laurence Voter Nombre de votes: 1/50

Laurence B. HENRY Artiste peintre hyperréaliste. On dirait des photographies... Détrompez-vous... ce sont bien des peintures !!! Artiste automobile et membre du Club Artistes Auto (Canada). Elle reproduit des bolides rutilants avec une maîtrise et une précision impressionnante.
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Susan Wooler
Susan Wooler Voter Nombre de votes: 0/50

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Hallo, Hej and 你好 Welcome to my Art. I have been an abstract expressionist painter since my early teens. The immediacy and freshness of this style as well as its complexity and boldness has always spoken to me. To this end I usually paint with acrylic paint in an alla prima style, in a spontaneous and physical way, moving back and forth across the canvas, making marks that dance across that surface. I start by introducing colour, shapes and line, then respond to their development. I move these elements around, adding and removing paint in multiple layers, having been described as an emotional painter, I am free to indulge and be spontaneous experimenting with colours and textures, creating multiple layers resulting in visceral unique painting with mood and depth, as I paint I recreate a part of my own story, as you view hopefully you create your own. I've been described as an emotional painter, my abstract paintings are my first love as I am free to indulge and be spontaneous experimenting with colours and textures, creating multiple layers resulting in visceral unique painting with mood and depth. My paintings are in customers homes all over the world, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK and the USA   My inspiration comes whilst walking on the beach or in the many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty that Wales has; a holiday I've taken, seasons, landscapes and my imagination. In my abstracts I try to express my personal thoughts and emotions which I capture on canvas and express through bold colour, strong composition, textures and shapes I thoroughly enjoy creating and sharing my art with you and am honoured and overjoyed to the buyers who decide to make a purchase to display my art in their homes.
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