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The FRESCO techniques provides clear luminous colors, and its endurance makes it ideal to my work. Simple and primitive, the elemental dialogue in my paintings is revealed in layers. Some times I think of my paintings as landscapes, but my focus is to provide vistas in which amorphous, ephemeral forms exist. When I am painting I am enjoy taking the risk, My paintings are scraped , carved and sanded,. the aggressive nature in which the paintings are created contradicting the finished painting. When asked about my focus in the process of the creation, I just say...much of my work is about space , about movement from the depth to surface. My work is primitive, non- representational, I experiment with partition of the space, fragmentation and geometry . Using three dimensions, with different degrees of texture and transparent layers of color. My paintings interact with the light and the variation in the perspective between the viewer and the painting. Light, color, distance and texture creates an environmental system that changes during the time of observation. My work has allowed me to explore the variety of patterns created by nature in the micro and macrocosm, using attraction and opposition, tension and release. The passion attached to the texture while the simple form reflects the delimited logic.



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