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Rosario Santa Fé
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Edson Franco, his art is contemporary trends towards expressionism abstract and figurative works also unfolding landscape murals and decorative arts. Natural Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the 80 starts to disseminate its work, holding exhibitions, participating in art exhibits, performances and works by graffiti in several cities and capitals of Brazil, also discloses his work in Pollock & Krasner Foundation in New York. A treat of a traveling artist in the year 1988 to Rosario and Buenos Aires in Argentina, where it starts to move his works, performing various exhibitions, art rooms, and performative work. Lives in Rosario until 1999. Return to San Pablo, Brazil, during the year of 2000 working with decorators and architects, performing various custom decorative work, clients of the capital, is parallel with art exhibitions, he founded the Friends of Art in the city of Itai-San Paulo, where the mayor of the city has commissioned several works to be part of the historical cultural city. In 2004 and 2005, after research and study the Divine proportion, start applying the technique of composition in murals and paintings. Edson Franco, a twenty-first century artist, does not escape the reality of the two countries where it circulates and concerned about the youth, carried out various social programs where your search is centered on showing young people the wonderful world of the arts. In 2006 he returned to Argentina, current place of residence, where he still works in the creative universe and also in teaching plastic, also made by commissions, murals, thus remaining with the position he chose for his life! ...Thanks so much for viewing my paintings, all pictures are for sale!


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