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Fabrice Van der Beek

Fabrice Van der Beek

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After all these attempts, it's kind of odd to have to put a name on who i am, what i make, but time sure help us to find ourselves in this definite space. So here i am today, an artist in various ways. Physically and sonically. My life is define by "pushing my boundaries further". I know it sounds like something everybody could say, but this is my truth, my everyday routine. It all started early, back when i was a kid my hero was my brother, we were constantly drawing things, machines, listening Guns n'Roses, we were watching movies like Terminator 2 and Back to the Future and playing Mega Drive. At this time, i became very responsive to light, music, and my environment. Art was born in my heart without even knowing it. I couldn't fight the beautiful truth, the creation was part of me, so i drew, i dreamed. Then i discovered photography and filming, this helped me shaping my way to see things, to see my art from a design perspective. Now, I believe in the efficiency of simplicity, for me the simplest lines are often the more powerful. The line breaking the wall, the color lighting the darkness, the sound breathing in the silence. It all reflect my vision. I really hope you will find pleasure in my work, as much as i had fun making it. Welcome on my website, i'll post new things regularly, the more often, the better. My name is Fabrice Van der Beek. This is who i am.



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