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I was born in Dallas and attended public schools – I never took an art class. After graduating from Bryan Adams, I was accepted into Texas A&M at College Station where I studied architecture. After a while I discovered that my interests were changing. One of my professors asked me if I had ever considered changing my major to Fine Arts. I was not sure what to expect, however, I soon found myself walking to Hobby Lobby and buying a canvas. Then, I began painting on my own. When my father called at the end of the year, I said, “Dad, you are going to have to bring the pick-up truck, I have a lot of paintings to bring home.” It took the mathematic tedium of architecture to show me that a blank canvas and paints was a more appropriate outlet for expressing my inner thoughts and emotions. I came home and attended Richland College where I began taking art classes and won First Place in the League of Innovations in 2008. After completing my Associates Degree, I transferred to Texas A&M at Commerce and began to work toward my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. In Commerce I began to define a style for my art which included creatures portrayed in distorted, psychedelic forms. I implemented bright colors into the mélange of images that flowed from my inner thoughts through my paintbrushes and onto canvas. After graduating in 2010, I was accepted into the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. When I began my studies there, I found myself transforming as an artist not only because of the city itself but also because of the competitive nature of the school. I spent whole days and nights in my studio overlooking Millennium Park and Lake Michigan and thought of how to transpose the chaos around me onto canvas and unite the barrage of noise, lights, and general atmosphere of Chicago with the techniques I had been studying. I now feel that my rudimentary and collegiate experiences as an artist have come full circle and bleed seamlessly into one another. My work still contains the imagery and fantasy that it did at the start while also implementing my unique take on abstraction and still conveying the passion I retain for my craft.


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