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Valerio Ventura

Valerio Ventura

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Ventura grew up in Rome, Italy before moving to the USA in the early eighties to work as a designer in the film and television industry. In the next ten years Ventura worked in many aspects of production and moved up the ranks establishing himself as an innovator of is own. Ventura got his first group exhibit when his work was accepted at the San Bernardino County Museum in the show Ensamble in 1985. From 1991 to 2005 Ventura worked in the animation industry with many icons like; Iwao Takamoto (VP Hanna-Barbera,) Dean Valentine (Disney TV,) Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg (Family Dog, CBS) to name a few. In the mid-nineties Ventura art directed the award winning TV series, “Happily Ever After: fairy tales for every child” (HBO,) and production designed the feature film “The Pagemaster”, (Turner Pictures, dir: Maurice Hunt / Joe Johnston.) -and many Disney features such as “Rescuers Down Under”, “Hercules”, “Mulan” and “The Emperor’s New Groove” (Walt Disney Co.) In 2008 Ventura completed two seasons as supervising art director for Cartoon Network Studios on the Emmy award winning TV series “Class of 3000”, and directed the animated music video “Turn of the Century” (CNS) featuring the voice and musical talent of André Benjamin (André 3000, Outkast.) The series was created by André Benjamin and Tommy Lynch (South of Nowhere, Romeo!.) Today Ventura is a multi-award winning writer/director with a dozen music videos and television commercials under his belt and recently received the 2009 GOLD REMI AWARD at the prestigious World-Fest Houston International Film Festival for his short film “Winter”. Ventura is a fine art painter and his recent show, “Mickeyanic”, has shown at the Walt Disney headquarters in London UK and at the Disney Consumer Product building in Los Angeles CA. His latest solo exhibition from May 2010 included 87 new canvases you can view here on the artist's website at Ventura lives in South Pasadena, California.


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